07 MAY

Your Modern Country in Hong Kong

Your Modern Country in Hong Kong

Yup, you heard it here - "modern country" is not an oxymoron. Fresca is something Hong Kong has been waiting for! Two Giftwellers happened to be on Hollywood Road on a Saturday and decided to pop in, and were lucky enough to meet the owner Ivy. Read on!

Ivy described the philosophy of Fresca as "modern country" - a concept that is oh-so-refreshing for Hong Kong.  She wanted to create a feeling of community, a neighborhood hangout. The vibe is clean, wholesome, not hurried, and full of positive energy - not a surprise to hear that even the customers volunteer here!

The food is all vegetarian, obviously with a healthy bent full of natural herbs and spices that will surprise the palate - such as the very yummy bean paste tofu, gluten- free muffins; the soups are also very nice with a lovely, velvety texture, SANS cream! Many of the vegetables and spices used in the food are even home grown by Ivy!

Even though we didn't order anything on this first visit, Ivy was generous enough to give us samples of pretty much everything they had that day - not something you encounter every day in Hong Kong.

Also check out all the super cute and amazing ceramic pieces (both very large and small) - all of them handmade by the talented and differently abled folks at St. James' Creation Ceramics Gallery.

There is a second floor of seating space and books on the shelf that you can read. You are what you eat and think, and Fresca's got it. You will walk out glowing.






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